Industry Applications


The first convertible one-hit bat for hand & bong smoking that keeps ash out of your mouth.
You deserve greens every smoke. Conserve your herb with your OneHitOneDa!
- - -


The precisely machined bowl on the OneHitOneDa holds approximately 50 milligrams of cannabis flower.
Allowing patients the ability to conveniently medicate while being conscious of consumption.
- - -


Smoke shops love the unique product design and the value delivered to their customers.
A natural add-on to any water pipe purchase, or an attractive up-sell for the traditional one-hit bat lover.
- - -


Patients new to cannabis now have a tool to quantify & consume their allocated doses in a fast and discreet way. Drop your one hitter in your bong for a cool, filtered dose any time.
Wholesale purchasing is available to dispensaries looking to sell pre-filled OneHitOneDa's or offer our revolutionary new one hitter to their patients.
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