Industry Applications


Full combustion of a consistent green dose every dose.
Built-in ashcatcher stops the flaming ash before it hits your throat.
Convertible for hand & waterpipe smoking.
Conserve your herb with your OneHitOneDa!
- - -


The precisely machined OneHitOneDa holds 50+/-mg of cannabis flower.
Patients  conveniently medicate mindful of consumption.
- - -


Smoke shops love the unique product design and the value delivered to their customers while enhancing the smoking experience.
A natural add-on to any water pipe purchase, or an attractive up-sell for the traditional one-hit bat lover.
- - -


Patients now have a tool to quantify & consume consistent doses. By hand or drop your OneHitOneDa in your waterpipe for a cool, filtered dose any time.
Wholesale purchasing is available to dispensaries interested in leading the way towards Mindful Consumption.  OneHitOneDa is the evolution of the one hitter