OneDa Friends and Family 3-Pack
OneDa Friends and Family 3-Pack

OneDa Friends and Family 3-Pack

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Consistent doses of ground flower

by hand or water pipe

 OneDa - The Safest One Hitter 

YOU Remember the first time you loaded your one hit bat from your dugout and took a hardy inhale as you lit it?  Or maybe you just did it again! That meteor hurts. And it ruins the experience, yet again.

To avoid the “HEAT” users do not inhale with authority when smoking a one hitter.  Users puff. That change in behavior causes us to poorly combust what we want to fully inhale.

Result.  A clogged bat and wasted cannabis.

OneDa STOPS THE HEAT by catching the ash in the built-in, fine brass screen that is easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol and paper towels or Q-Tips.

Stopping the ash allows you to inhale confidently, with a steady flow of air resulting in full combustion of the ground cannabis in the chamber, 50mg by weight +/-.

A 20%THC flower consumed by 50mg Da(dose)is a 10mg Da of THC by combustion.  OneDa is the only product available to facilitate dosing.

OneDa delivers a comfortable smoking experience by preventing burning ash from leaving the pipe, and by providing a means to consistently load and deliver a 50mg dose, one Da.

The Friends and Family 3-Pack.  Order yours today fam!

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