The Word Is Out! OneDa IS A HIT!

The Word Is Out! OneDa IS A HIT!

We could not be more humbled at this moment. The positive reception our new microdosing device has received from patients, dispensaries, caregivers, growers, and everyone else in between has been absolutely astounding. We could not be more overwhelmed the the outpouring of love and passion from the Hemp CBD community.


OneDa.  We didn't make this new word up, this word came straight from our fans. It seems y'all got tired of saying 'OneHitOneDa' all the time... And affectionately renamed our microdosing pipe the 'OneDa', and we couldn't love it more!

What do YOU think?? Which name do you prefer to use??
#OneDa or #OneHitOneDa

Stay tuned for more OneDa-ful announcements from the Team OneDa! #OneDaStudios #OneDaLounge #CampOneDa #itsaOneDaFulworld

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I received one as a party favor at a Puff and Paint gathering in Hadley!! Thanks for coming out and showing us how it worked. I love mine, no more Scooby snacks for me. It’s a great way to micro medicate too!!!

Tina Lequin

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