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OneHitOneDa Combustion Microdoser For Ground Agriculturals

OneHitOneDa Combustion Microdoser For Ground Agriculturals

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OneHitOneDa delivers what NO OTHER one hitter offers

  • A consistent dose, easy to load and measure
  • Integrated ashcatcher eliminates burning ash in your mouth

One Dose, a Da in our house.  OneHit is OneDa

    Generations of One Hitter consumers have avoided the distasteful ash by not inhaling with confidence.  That hesitation and "puffing" leads to partial combustion and blockages in the bore of the dosing tool.

    OneHitOneDa has an integrated ash catcher that permits the consumer to inhale with total confidence that there will be no burning ash leaving the dosing tool.

    A steady flow of air facilitates full combustion of the ground agricultural product.

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