OneDa FAQs

May I request discreet shipping to my address?

All orders shipped are 100% discreet. Packed in stock bubble mailers or USPS boxes, your packages will arrive with no cannabis-related markings whatsoever. Our return address in Las Vegas doesn't even have our business name. 


What is included with my OneDa purchase?

Every OneDa one-hit Microdoser comes with the following items:

1 - OneDa Microdosing Device

1 - Down stem adaptor for bong use

1 - Mouthpiece adaptor for hand use

1 - Cleaning tool. Not a poker, it's a 'Pokes-Da'

1 - Totally badass super shiny sticker


How do you load the OneDa?

To load your OneDa for use:

Hold the bat vertically and lightly tamp your OneDa into your ground flowers. Twist the bat as you fill, and the bowl will fill after a few dips.

The OneDa is intended for ground flower use only.  The best combustion will occur when the grind is coarse, not fine.  The more fine the ground flower the heavier the dose will weigh, as more cannabis will be compacted into the same volume.  Regardless, that would be the norm for you as you know your habits best.  A strong push of the OneDa into ground cannabis will result in a heavier weight dose than a more moderate push.  You will become familiar with your OneDa in short order and your dose will be consistent for you.


How do you use the OneDa?

For bong or water pipe use...

Turn your OneDa into a one-hit bowl for your bong with the included down stem! Simply unscrew the mouthpiece, screw on the included down stem, and drop into your favorite 14mm or 18mm glass.

For hand or mobile use...

Take your OneDa with you everywhere! Just attach the mouthpiece and you're ready for delicious ash-less dosing on the go!


How do you clean the OneDa one hitter pipe?

Emptying the ash catcher...

Unscrew the reducer from the bowl to reveal the screen inside. Lightly tap to empty the ash.  Using a spray bottle, spray alcohol into the bowl onto the screen and agitate the residue with a Q-Tip or wadded paper towel.  This process should be repeated until the brass screen shows through and you see daylight through it.

Cleaning the bat...

Use the included cleaning tool to clear debris from the bat of your OneDa.  Using a wadded paper towel sprayed with alcohol, clean the reducer and threaded end of the bat and the loading chamber.  Tear a 2-1/2" x 1/2" piece of paper towel and wrap it around the Pokes-Da and wet it with alcohol.  Pass the wrapped Pokes-Da through the bore.  This may require a couple of pieces of towel.

Enjoy your like-new OneDa.