Disclaimer: All products sold and presented for sale are for the legal consumption of ground Hemp CBD flower by combustion. All other uses are not endorsed.

This Company Wants To Define A Dose Of Ground Legal Hemp CBD With This Patent-Pending Micro Bowl

How much Hemp CBD satisfies your need? The rhetoric in the Hemp industry is, ‘The more the merrier!’ But do you really know how much flegal Hemp CBD flower you need to consume? A Las Vegas startup has created the answer in the form of a revolutionary new dosing device.

Enter the world of microdosing; the next step in the evolution of Hemp CBD consumption.

OneHitOneDa has created a better mousetrap, a one-hit pipe that allows patients to control their Hemp CBD consumption. They have engineered a patent-pending micro pipe to be capable of dosing a consistent serving of flower by weight. This product is setting the standard for a single dose of ground legal Hemp CBD at 100mg.

Of course you have 1-gram prerolls at your local dispensary, but what if you don’t want to smoke the entire joint? It’s a problem the industry had to tackle sooner rather than later, as the popularity of ground Hemp CBD continues to increase and with evolving genetics and expert cultivators.

Inventor Steven Levine, an industrial engineer, recognized how contemporary culture edified overconsumption. Levine says, "Everything was about smoking more, all with more waste.” He continues, “Engineering revolves around metrics. We created a metric for ground Hemp CBD.” Levine’s breakthrough is about how little flower is needed for a satisfying smoke, not how much could be consumed.

Along with the recent legislative acceptance of consumption lounges in Massachusetts and Nevada, the team at OneHitOneDa is ecstatic for the future. Levine explains, “Massachusetts is creating a new category of "Hemp Friendly" businesses.”The new laws will allow businesses like yoga studios and cafes to sell single servings of legal Hemp CBD.

OneHitOneDa is perfectly positioned to become the dosing tool or ‘shot glass’ of the ground flower Hemp CBD industry as recrealization continues to unfold.

How To Contact OneHitOneDa:

Press & Media Inquiries: OneHitOneDa@gmail.com

Inventor Steven Levine: DaOne@OneHitOneDa.com

Wholesale & Distribution Inquiries: Sales@OneHitOneDa.com

Purchase Yours Today Online: OneHitOneDa.com


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