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Daffiliate Program - Add Value To Your Feed

Daffiliate Program @OneHitOneDa offers you a discount code for your followers and a commission for you.

@OneHitOneDa we want to let you know that we appreciate your posts, videos, testimonials and the overall energy you have shown in support of OneDa.  Simply put, OneDaful!!

So let's step up our support for your work.  Join our Daffiliate program and when you complete registration you will have created your own Promo Code for your followers customized to your message.  OneHitOneDa will honor a $5 for your followers and you may promote this savings on any purchase over $29.  As a Daffiliate you earn a commission of $5, paid when your total commissions reach a $50 threshold.

Let's make OneDaful things happen fam, OneDa at a time.

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