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Stainless Steel Pocket GrinDa Card

Stainless Steel Pocket GrinDa Card

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The GrinDa Card is the perfect companion to your OneHitOneDa Microdoser.

The GrinDa Card is stainless steel & the size of a credit card, perfectly portable and convenient in any wallet or purse.

Think of this as a cheese grater, producing the ground agriculturals you will load into your OneHitOneDa

Etched into the face of the GrinDa Card is the gorgeous OneHitOneDa logo surrounded by small patches of grinding area. Below our logo we have etched our motto, DOSED not WASTED, and at the bottom of the GrinDa we have placed a larger grinding surface.

The included protective sleeve fits over your GrinDa when it's in your wallet or bag, and features the OneHitOneDa instructions on the back.

Be sure to grab your GrinDa Card, and never have to ask again, "Does anyone have a grinder??" 

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